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Sankey Lectures Series in Masonic Studies 2015

This annual lecture series is named in honour of R.W. Bro. Charles A. Sankey (1905-2009). Dr. Sankey served as Chancellor of Brock University from 1969 to 1974. A renowned Masonic scholar, he was active in all the concordant bodies of Masonry including the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, the Royal Order of Scotland, and Royal Arch Masons. His extensive collection of rare Masonic books and papers is in the Special Collections of the James Gibson Library at Brock, providing a rich resource for research scholars and students.

"The Masonic Empire of Thomas Dunckerley: England to Quebec and the Broad Oceans In-between" - Dr. Susan Mitchell Sommers

May 2015

“Thomas Dunckerley is a late eighteenth-century icon of British Freemasonry; his story is a fascinating morality tale of self-invention and self-deception. Climbing to the highest echelons of the order, and long-accepted as something of a hero, the reality of Dunckerley’s life is very different from the version recorded by his nineteenth-century biographers. Sommers reveals Dunckerley’s widely accepted claim to be an illegitimate son of George II to be untrue. But alongside a very real success as a Freemason, his true story includes the Royal Navy, travel, a career in law and the ‘scandalous Worsley affair’".

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